women’s voices

Recently, I attended a panel discussion on female artists. I was struck on how the women were so comfortable in their own skin. Laughing and sharing powerful stories on womanhood and their artistic careers. They spoke about the struggles of working in a patriarchy society.

The women expressed their desire for the reader/audience to find courage in their art because they search for courage too. I think of my own writing.  And my fears. What if I am not good enough? What if I can’t speak my truth? I pray for faith and even inked the word on my back.

The women on the panel spoke about feminism and how it is linked to Mother Earth, water and sustainability. Use the terms until you understand them, they say. Challenge yourself. Examine. Repeat. Stay conscious.

Cellular memory was another topic. The fear of crucification or being killed solely based on being a woman and the colour of our skin. I think of how I struggle to find my voice as an indigenous woman.

Remember the good fight. We saw our ancestors, our parents, our icons have the breakdowns. They would encourage us to practice daily self care and self knowledge. 

To begin as an artist, find your uniqueness. What do you believe in? What is your personal value system? Understand the context of what you are creating. Trust your values, which equals integrity. Find teachers. Go deeper. Joy. Stretch while you can. 


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